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Due to exciting new advertising opportunities the geek in the stripey top has received, I am afraid it will be moving back to blogspot.

I have very much enjoyed blogging on wordpress and my blog has both evolved and grown considerably in my short time here.

All the posts that have been published on wordpress have been transferred to blogspot so you will be able to find them all there.

The address is

I look forward to seeing you over there.



Yes I know this post is incredibly cheesey!!


Well, what do you know!! My bloggers block seems to have disappeared!!  So pouring your soul into a post does have positive results.  I feel much more like myself again.  Another thing I wish to share with you all before I go back to clothes and stuff is that I have booked myself in at the university counselling.  I wasn’t sure whether or not I needed/wanted to but I think it’s best as I don’t want to go back to the way I was.

The way I was actually ties in with this post.  This post is really for my Mum for many reasons.  When she dropped me off in Preston we went to M&S to have a final divulge of my discount card and she said I could choose any hat I wanted. 

I debated over the bowler and she said well you’d have to feel supa-dupa to wear it and I’m wearing it today!! I’m also wearing shorts with my dress which is for my Mum as the last thing she said to me was watch the length of your skirts with your tights and stuff.  So this outfit is for you!

Showing off the brunette hair.  After wishing to be blonde still it’s actually look so much better! Which i’m pleased about so hopefully Mother will be pleased!!

Just to prove I wore shorts with my short dress.

I apologise for the mess and the girlie bits in the background, I’m still sorting out my tip of a bedroom but I’m pleased I can take photos, I wasn’t sure how I would manage it but I managed to find an affective way. 

I love this satchel, I didn’t bring it home over the summer…so sad 😦 I added a long chain Topshop locket to the look.  No bangles today because bangles and writing don’t mix well 😦

So, after laughing at all the first years for being in their carefully selected outfits which took them days to choose, I haven’t been much better with the exception that I did cobble this outfit together within 10 minutes although blogging about it and taking effort doesn’t make me much better.  Who cares, it’s what makes me feel good!! xx

I know it’s LFW but it’s also UCLan freshers week. Which one would you rather be? Actually neither as i’m horrifically home sick.  I love being in my new house with the girlies but I really miss Cornwall, much more than I did last year.I don’t know whether it’s because I had a really good time at M&S this year and I feel shunted out because loads of new people have arrived.

I wasn’t going to post this because, well I didn’t think it had a lot to do with my blog but it’s coming more to light.  Over the summer I had councilling for depression.  The truth is things have never been the same since my Grandpa died last year and since his death my family and I have had to suffer with two more deaths.

I tell people last year was the best yet the worst year of my life.  Pretty much true.  So coming home was really tough.  Back to my home where there is this massive gap.

Before my first year at university, three days before, after everything was bought and packed, I decided I wasn’t going, I was going to stay at M&S and go next year.  I just wanted to be with my family.  As it went, I did go and i’m so glad I did and I only ever felt really home sick when I was drunk.  Now I feel home sick a lot.

I went through a lot with my Mum this summer.  At first we argued nearly everyday and then we were like best friends again.  I mean you can’t be best friends with a parent, I don’t want to be but as close as you can before it’s too much.

If someone said to me, right you can jack it all in and come home, i’d say no.  Appart from not wanting to give up my course I couldn’t leave my friends here.  Most importantly I have a beautiful house with three amazing girls and I don’t want to leave them and I wouldn’t put them in the possition of needed a new housemate.

So we’ve settled that I don’t actually want to go home, so I just miss it a lot? Too much?  The thing with Cornwall is, i’d get home and be bored, it’s not exactly an up and coming place in the Winter, in the Summer too unless it’s sunshining.

So i’m coming up with a plan of action if you will and it doesn’t involve eating my weight in Ben and Jerrys icecream and watching nine hour stints of Jeremy Kyle just to prove there are people having a worse time than me.  No, I have cue cards etc so:

  1. Tidy my room
  2. Decorate my room
  3. Collect my gym card off ex-flatmate/friend
  4. Go to the gym

Also, outlining the facts:

  1. I love my house 122
  2. I love the 122 girlies
  3. I don’t want to leave Preston
  4. I miss Cornwall
  5. I miss my family

I would like to end with a few Sex and the City quotes from one of my favourite episodes. ‘The games people play’. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the episode with Jon Bon Jovi when Carrie goes to see a threapist about Big because she can’t stop talking about him.

Carrie First they want you to come there two times a week, then three times a week, and eventually you’re starting every sentence with ‘my therapist.

Stanford: It’s very in to have a threapist.  Even my threapist has a threapist. 

I’m not doing very well at blogging at the moment.  So much is happening and I can’t decide what to blog about.  I’ve actually started a blogging list.  A little sad I know.  I was going to write about my little Aussi win in my last post but decided it needed its own post.  

Courtesy of the lovely Christina Sanders at A sense sublime blog I won an Aussi gift package.  The only thing is i’m back at uni so it got delivered to my neighbours before my Mum could pick it up.  She’s coming up in a few weeks s she’ll bring it then.

Excuse the crap in the background, my Mum took the photo as I don’t have it yet!!

Thank you very much!!  xx

The week in photos

I’m fully well aware that I have not posted in a while.  Everytime I sat down to I realised I should have been packing and so went to do that.  I’m now officially in my lovely new house in Preston.  My room still is a mess with boxes, bags and clothes all over the floor.  I’m working out where I can take outfit photos.  I have no shelves or anything to prop my camera onto.

So I thought i’d throw a few photos into the mix of what’s been going on this week.

After getting paper on the morning of my trip back to Preston, I think I could have found better days to travel!

I changed the satnav to Irish Sean for those of you who I don’t have on Facebook.

The crossword when I got really bored.

What’s a road trip without Percy Pigs?

The evidence of the first night out of many this year xx

So I am literally just finishing off a cup off tea before I go upstairs to try and begin repacking to go to uni.  I’ll start with the clothes i’ve not worn all summer because I made need these in Preston.  Oh Lordy.  It’s annoying because i’ve only just got my room pretty much the way I want it so i will have to bid fairwell.  Oh well, I have about a week to get my room in Preston sorted before lessons start.  

I’m sad to leave M&S, I do love working there.  Plus, have you seen their new ad-campaigns with Ryan Reynolds…hubba hubba.

But I thought I would just show this quickly, my packing begins…xx

Oooooo it’s been a busy bank holiday weekend.  I didn’t say yes to any extra hours so i’ve had plenty of time off.  It was my Dad’s wedding this Saturday, died my hair brown on the Sunday and Newlyn fish festival on the Monday.  So it’s not surprising it’s only today i’ve had time to get round to blogging.  


This was the wonderful breakfast that was provided by the hotel on the day of the wedding.  Of course having breakfast did not stop me from fainting at the alter during the vows…oooppss!!

A bit of a different back drop than from my usual photos and I apologise from the discarded shoe in the foreground. I was so happy with my hair but by the end of the night, it was starting to look a bit minnie mousy but I still loved it.  I crashed out on the bed without taking it out and managed to wear it to work the next day, well with a bit of damage control anyway.  

I thought I’d take a picture of the simple but pretty table setting.  On the end of the top table next to my Godfather and the edible silver chocolates on the table.  

At work on Sunday I realised I do not want to be blonde any more.  it’s not that it’s too much hard work, I don’t mind that it’s just that my hair is so damaged because of all the constant bleaching so I’ve decided to go brunette.  I’ve been blond for two years now and i’m a bit tired of it.  My flatmate (even though he isn’t any more, I will always call him that) says he will pin me down and pour absolute platinum over my head.  I’m ok with it though.  I didn’t expect it to work quite so well.  I bought golden brown.  I was told if you dye blonde hair straight to brown it will have a green tinge.  After experiencing a green tinge at the beginning of the summer after Tenereife I wanted to avoid it.  I’m very happy with it.  In the light, it has a golden/ reddish hue/tone but I like that.  Hopefully I can just let it grow now without worrying about it.  

Newlyn Fish Festival on bank holiday Monday where I live is my favourite day of the year.  I’ll spare you the picture of the fish display as some may not appreciate it.  

I went on the life boat for the first time in my life.  Or that I can remember. There are loads of stalls, one of which was selling henna.  After getting henna tattoos at festivals and deciding I cannot have a real tattoo as i’m scared of needles…i’ve become addicted to henna.  I have like 7 on me now.  

How was everyone elses bank holiday? hope you all had a restful fun time?  What did you think of my hair and the dress.  Was I right to go brunette?? xx

My days off are few and far between so I tend to make the most of them.  I have new additions to my room which I will post soon I promise.  The free standing mirror I was on about and a dressing table.

I’ve always wanted a dressing table for my room and now I have one.  It’s gone in the alcove but it’s half an inch too big so it’s possible to cut it down to size. 

Once that was done I ended up at Porthleven where there was a market and I treated myself to a few pocket money purchases. 


I got these for my new room and fridge at uni.

I’m actually really excited about this.  I bought this bag from Primark in Oxford Street for £7 but in typical Primark fashion it broke.   There was a man there with a leather work shop who mended it for me for £1.  It was my Grandma’s doing as I said it wasn’t worth it!

I know i’ve jsut posted but I didn’t think this went well with my post.  When I got out of the bath, I noticed this on the floor.

It’s a necklace I bought from Rock n rose ages ago. I’ve blogged about it before. 

On the chain is a heart and a key and the heart has a hole in it the same size as the key but the key won’t reach to fit the hole.  (This sounds dodgy, I appologise!)

Anyway but because the heart came off all by itself…

Now it fits…is this a sign?? Have I met the one? Any thoughts please?? xx

P.S I just wanted to add.  A couple of my friends and people at work said they like my blog and I hate to ask as I know many people hate this but it would make my day if you hit subscribe or follow me via bloglovin. I’ve been a bit down lately and when I get told people like reading my blog it makes me so happy but i don’t find out very much so it would make my day!! So if you liek reading please hit subscribe etc.  Thank you!

I wont ask for anythning again, I promise!! 🙂 xx

Today, I’ve had probably one of the best Sundays i’ve had in a long time.  I did what Sundays are meant for…no not rest.  I worked four hours in the morning and then tidied my room up, one because it needed it, two to sort my clothes out, yes, I actually threw some away!! and three to start the long process of sorting out stuff to go back to uni.  Luckily a lot is already up there because I kept some stuff up there.  I then had a bath, a cream tea and came over to my Grandparents. 

I’m also really excited because my uncle is bringing down a free standing mirror which will go in my bedroom, i’m so excited! I’ve always wanted one. 

Anyway so i’m waiting for this vintage jacket I ordered on ebay to come but with it being Sunday the lack of post made me sad so i thought I would post about the other mail I recieved this week.  I love getting mail, unless its a bank statement.  I muse over it for a while and feel guilty nfor the fact it feels a bit thick and then toss it. 

So here’s what I recieved this week…

I got a couple of things from eBay.  After hankering over a cricket jumper for ages, I now have two!! I like this one the most though.

I think i’ll team it with my new oversize blazer, also eBay and of course my hat!

Sorry for the flat, lack of modelling, I know you probably all like to laugh at me (hahaha) but my hair was wet as i got out of the shower.

I also got this post card from my sister.

It made me so happy.  I love James Dean.  I watched Giant one day at uni when it was a sunny Friday and everyone had gone home.  It made me feel so much better!  I tweeted this a while back…

 “had a dream last night my Mum was watching James Dean movies loudly downstairs when I was in bed. #analysethat. xx”
In addition to my tidying I also finished my little project.  About three years ago I bought a trunk from Oxfam for £10 and I love it.  I had always wanted one and saw it and bought it!! It was lined with some old checked papers but it was peeling to I finally got round to peeling it off and replacing it with some old postcards and articles.  They used to be on my wardrobe but when I moved rooms I didn’t need it anymore but didnt want to lose the postcards. 
Just for good measure I thought i’d throw in a picture of my cream tea…all M&S !!
So that was my Sunday, hope you all had a good day of rest and that you have a good week!! xx

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