A new blog

Green Hair

A bit of a strange one to start with but best avoid.

I went to Tenerife with some friends from uni last week for a week.  I had an amazing time jumping in and out of the pool, going to the beach and lying in the sun.

Of course I knew my hair would need some TLC when I got home, I just didn’t realise to what extent.

For the last year I have been pretty much platinum blonde but I decided I would tone it down when I came back from my holiday, little did I know I would have very little choice!

Luckily I picked a hair dye with the colours ‘ash’ and ‘neutral’ in the name and it sorted it right out.

What I learnt that it is not quite as catastrophic as you might think, just avoid with leave in conditioner.

I think I’ll spend the summer sorting it out.  I have a hair appointment next week which I really need!! xx

Hello and welcome to my shiny, new blog!

It’s taken me a while to decide to start a new blog having beenthegeekinthestripytop.blogspot.com since I was 17.

I started that though after  no experience and no teaching of blogging.  Well that’s how most people start but after learning better ways to do it and finding word press easier, I have decided to swap.

I don’t really like the idea of starting again, after all I’ve had that blog for two years and grown with it but I have kept the name and hopefully it won’t be too traumatic.

When I started that blog I didn’t have a particular niche and it took me a long time to work out what I wanted to write about.

Eventually, I realised that I like writing about clothes, not so much fashion but sometimes.  I love clothes I absolutely love them!

The other good thing about starting a new blog is that I can finally spell striped correctly!

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