£13 head start

A few months ago my Blackberry magically stopped working and the other day I finally got my act together and sent it off to Mazuma mobile.  I got £13 for it.  Not bad given I could have just thrown it away.   

I happily showed it to my Mum who was quite impressed and she said, “right you should take that and invest it in something, make it grow.”   So, I took her advice.  So far, i have spent 31p of it.  If I can take you back here to my post about how i love clothes you will understand how hard this is for me.   I have posted up some old clothes on ebay.  Just some i no longer wear and have no particular attachment too.  I’ve just placed one dress up that I was dumped in.  Yes it is very sad and pathetic that i remember this but alas, i remember a lot.   It’s not just clothes that have served no luck, others i just don’t wear or love anymore so they can be passed on. I’ve uploaded five items so far I think.  So far I have a £1 bid on an Asos dress which actually came as a freebie to me.  So so far; £13-31p+£1= £13.69 And hey, that’s just today.  Maybe more people will bid!  You won’t be laughing when i’m on the Apprentice! yeah maybe not. Continuing with all things ebay, i always look to find vintage items and have come up with a cunning new way to find them at a steal.  Instead of jsut typing in vintage, yesterday when I was at my Grandparents i went upstairs and made a note of the labels in the clothes in one of the spare rooms.   I now search for St Michael (the old m and s), windsmoor and feminella to name a few.   Much better way of doing it.  I will keep you posted on how much I make doing nada.  On another money note, M&S have asked me back!! 🙂  

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