Festival wears

This year I have pretty much ignored the festival fashion bibles.  I resigned to the fact that this year I was not going to a festival telling myself that it was ok, I did festivals last year with Glastonbury. 

This year I kept telling myself that for me, festivals were last year.  I would perhaps embrace the season with a garland or two in my hair but that’s it. 

That was until I got an email this morning asking me if I would cover Beach Break Live.

All this, I’m totally cool with missing out on the festival fun quickly dissolved as I realised I have nothing to wear and it’s in two weeks!!

Ever since Kate Moss graced Glastonbury in 2005 with denim shorts and wellies, they’re a kind of must.

Well that’s sorted, an ex-boyfriend who happens to be a farmer bought me a pair for my birthday, best thing to come out of our relationship.  Stripy Joules, sorted.

However don’t think for a second wellies are a must.  I lugged mine in the boiling heat for five hours at Glastonbury and they spent the entire time in the tent along with a pair of biker boots.

Garlands are a must this year.  At Glastonbury last year a larger percentage of my party worked in the head office of New Look and she told me daisy chains and flowers would be in this year.  How right she was.  Think Pixie Lott and Marina Diamandis.

Last year’s Lipsy collection, still bang on trend

I will have to ask my sister to visit Primark for me as I don’t have one near me to stock up. I only have one which I took to Tenerife.

Finally a few pictures from my favourite festival looks so far this year.

Whitney Port at Coachella festival in April
Emma Watson Glastonbury 2010
Pixie Lott T4 on the beach 2010

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