I need a walk in Wardrobe

It’s no secret to anyone that I love clothes, accessories and jewellery. When challenged on it I just smile and say…”ok, I’ll go by cigarettes or drugs to make myself feel better.”  Its pretty simple…I don’t get upset…I shop.

Ok no lie, there are times when I leave the house looking hideous…just because I love clothes doesn’t mean I can’t make mistakes.  I’ve looked and pictures from this year and others and thought what the hell was I wearing?  Well at least I’ll never make that mistake again. 

Being home for the summer and having left all of my coat hangers in uni…I have the perfect excuse for a “floor-drobe” all summer. 

People collect stamps, cards, cars, jugs, certain pottery and other things.  I collect clothes.  I have categories.  My favourite is the vintage collection.  As one day I hope to sell my own collection I’m debating whether there are pieces I can contemplate parting with. 

I have a red 80s dress which although is too small for me and I wound’t wear even if I was that tiny size, it still interests me. 

My favourite  vintage piece in the whole wide world is the dress I bought for my 18th birthday party.  It’s just soooo perfect.  I bought it for £50  from a stall in Camden,  Its pure silk and hand made.  The matching head band makes the wearing look just like their from the 60s.  

Being a student I have debated whether or not too sell it as I could probably could get more for it but I just cant bring myself to do it.  Im still waiting for another chance to wear it. 

This skirt, not only looks like a fairy tale skirt, it is.  I lusted after it for about six months in Monsoon and its £100 price tag. At any age that’s a lot of money, let alone 13.

When my sister got her A. Level results, we went into town to celebrate and there it was on the sale rail for £30.  So I made my Mum guard it and I went to get the money out.  I still wear it as a skirt but I thought I’d be fun and wear it as a dress. 

I don’t like throwing them out because it’s throwing away a part of my history and past.  I have a bridesmaid dress from when I was eight and my auntie got marred.  I still have the shoes and if I look I probably still have the tights.  She made all the dresses herself and its worn once and is still beautiful.  I have the dress both me and my sister wore to our First Holy Communion.  We both wore the veil our Mum wore.  She kept the veil, I’ll keep the dress. 

I have a Kate Moss yellow dress.  Ok, I don’t really wear it now but I have this image of getting rid of it and then my daughter in years time being furious with me for doing so.  If that time never come I may think of getting rid of it.

I am being very brave at the moment and trying my luck with a bit of selling on eBay.  It’s not as easy as it sounds and I’m struggling.  So I will keep updated! xx

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