We all have that friend that is more immature than the rest-the awkward moment when all your friends have grown up but you haven’t.

Catching up with friends is awesome…I spend the whole time going what? when did this happen? It happened about a year or so ago and it’s now over but it’s still fun.Since coming home from uni though, this time its been a little different.  Still great to see everyone and fun but sometimes I feel like I’ve been asleep for the last ten years.Tomorrow I’m going to the wedding of a friend from school.  This will be the first of my friends from school to get married.  The first wedding I will be attending without my parents. I can’t hide that I’m really excited about this, I’m really happy for them.  We’ve been friends for years and had shared Birthday parties and all sorts but I can’t believe she’s getting married!! On top of that a boy from the past is getting married as well.  I don’t know, i can’t really even imagine striking up something with someone at the moment. Maybe that says a lot about me but at the moment, just not up for it. At least another five have moved in with various partners.  It’s great…for them and I wish them all the happienss…but for me, I’m ok for at least another 10 years…which scares me enough already. I don’t know, I thought it was grown up to have a debit card- when shopping with my friend she said how she needed to pay off her credit card! I’m still on part-time jobs where I have friends on salaries!! In terms of friendships, and relationships, non of these people have changed at all and they’re still as loyal and funny reliable friends as always and laugh at immature things. Just everyone is growing up and I can barely choose what I want for tea.  I’m still buying outfits for the next fancy dress party, finding people to go to festivals with and dying my hair platinum blonde! Plenty of years ahead for me, and I’ll do it when I’m ready…and so will they 🙂 xx 

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