Provoke, touch of silver

At the moment, it’s extremely fair to say that I haven’t been, well really myself. A bit down in the mouth shall we say.  

I used to have this air that i didn’t let things faze me and I would go about my business without a care in the world.  However I have just pottered around my conservatory with violet purple rinse in my hair and very unfaltering shorts.  I should point out that this conservatory is visible to the neighbors so maybe i’m feeling better!

Whilst i’m on the topic of toner, you can’t beat Provoke, touch of silver. 

Forget all the John Freida, whiter shade of pales, I’ve tried them all.  

Don’t be alarmed in the way it is primarily used/ targeted for grey hair.  It leaches all the brassiness out of blonde hair and leaves it neutral.  it is wise to used a strong, nourishing conditioner afterwards though.  

The best thing about it is it’s not expensive.  I picked up the weekly treatment version for £1.99 in my local chemist but you can get it from Grahams, body care and this one came from boots.

Other products are daily treatment shampoo and conditioner and dry shampoo.  

Platinum hair is part of who I am.  I love it. It’s the biggest upkeep in my life but it’s worth it.  yes some days I have to put up with brassy roots and purple tips, but that’s what my 3 days off a week from Marks and Spencer are for.  Sorting it out.  xx

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