So I’ve already said I need to be surgicilly removed from my new hat but that also for a for the stripey top that I bought with it. It’s dedinitly my best stripey top purchase yet!

It’s so versatile and for a with my new shorts, under jackets and with my work trousers.

I spend more time getting ready for work then I spend working. It’s a 30 minute walk and then a 30 minute bus ride to my m&s from home or 2 bus rides if I’m being lazy but I like to save my £2.25 plus its a nice walk along the sea front. But I don’t like wearing my uniform. One because it would probably smell after my power walk, or be wet from rain. Two because when I wear my uniform in public random people come and talk to me. Yesterday I was in Tesco and this woman came up to me and nearly hugged me as she was so delighted there was an m&s food nearby. I could feel the glares from the Tesco staff in the back of my head.

I’m becoming obsessed with M&S yoghurt puddings.  I’ve exhausted the count on us fruit mouses, today I had a count on us trifle. So yummy!! xx


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