First day of school

Well, what do you know!! My bloggers block seems to have disappeared!!  So pouring your soul into a post does have positive results.  I feel much more like myself again.  Another thing I wish to share with you all before I go back to clothes and stuff is that I have booked myself in at the university counselling.  I wasn’t sure whether or not I needed/wanted to but I think it’s best as I don’t want to go back to the way I was.

The way I was actually ties in with this post.  This post is really for my Mum for many reasons.  When she dropped me off in Preston we went to M&S to have a final divulge of my discount card and she said I could choose any hat I wanted. 

I debated over the bowler and she said well you’d have to feel supa-dupa to wear it and I’m wearing it today!! I’m also wearing shorts with my dress which is for my Mum as the last thing she said to me was watch the length of your skirts with your tights and stuff.  So this outfit is for you!

Showing off the brunette hair.  After wishing to be blonde still it’s actually look so much better! Which i’m pleased about so hopefully Mother will be pleased!!

Just to prove I wore shorts with my short dress.

I apologise for the mess and the girlie bits in the background, I’m still sorting out my tip of a bedroom but I’m pleased I can take photos, I wasn’t sure how I would manage it but I managed to find an affective way. 

I love this satchel, I didn’t bring it home over the summer…so sad 😦 I added a long chain Topshop locket to the look.  No bangles today because bangles and writing don’t mix well 😦

So, after laughing at all the first years for being in their carefully selected outfits which took them days to choose, I haven’t been much better with the exception that I did cobble this outfit together within 10 minutes although blogging about it and taking effort doesn’t make me much better.  Who cares, it’s what makes me feel good!! xx


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