I should really call this page “blog of whenever I get round to writing about a new blog”.  

I came across this when looking up stuff about the vo5 instant oomph powder and saw that she makes the most beautiful rings.

I love love love jewellery. I have tons of the stuff but I never seem to have enough.  I especially love items with a quirky edge-Something that is a little different. I saw a Barbie necklace on eBay and felt to mean to buy it.  When I was feeling a bit more flush, I went to order it to find it had been made famous by Nicki Minaj and had shot up in price. I wasn’t so fond of it anymore.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that she has made.  All are hand made and silver plated as well as being a bargain and above all 100% cute.

egg and chips ring £4.50

Pink Spotty Cupcake Ring £3.00

Pink Spotty Cupcake Earrings - £3.25

Multi-coloured Strawberry Top Cake Ring – £3.25

There are many more wonderful designs to choose from.  Those are my favourites.  I can’t believe the high level of detail in them. They’d make wonderful gifts although i’d buy too because i’d keep one fore myself! P&P is also very reasonable.  A great find today I think!!

Payday is next week and this is at the top of my websites to visit!!

To read the blog click here.

To shop for the jewellery and to find out more about how to order click here.

(Pictures by Coleyyyful) 

£££’s for lbs

My brother’s girlfriend has recently started a weight loss program. Now a few years ago I lost weight due to finally losing puppy fat and for the first time in my life watching what I eat.

Anyone who has tried losing weight can know how hard it is especially telling people in case you failed.  I think I only told one of my friends and didn’t exactly go on about.  

So, back to the point, she’s doing it very sensibly, going to the doctors etc and to raise money.  She’s told everyone on Facebook and publicized it a lot.   

Her blog which pretty much gives a  blow by blow account of her progress and slips which is quite inspiring and I wish her all the luck in the world!!

Lucky So and So 

I first found out about this when my flat mate posted this link on my Facebook wall.  

Despite the face that I don’t really agree about throwing out clothes I love the way she only buys items from charity and thrift stores.

Jessi Arrington, designer from Brooklyn

Discotheque Confusion

This is the first blog I ever read so it seems right that I start with it.

I found it in the Stella Magazine, a Daily Telegraph supliment.

Discothequeconfusion without a doubt completely inspires me in blogging if not so much in clothes.

Bottom Left

Stevie Mackenzie’s is great when I have a little or a lot of time for a browse.  Have a look…


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