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The cool boys

So, someone metioned to me I don’t blog enough about boys, despite my best intentions.  Did they not see the post about Paris and Milan male fashion week.  Anyway i’m doing something about it.

Lately i’ve been spending sometime on Asos on their fashion finder site and created some looks for the boys with the running theme of Hollywood/teen drama.  Basically the cool boys.

All Asos! XX


60s for the boys

So I couldn’t not write something about 60s for the boys as they are even more iconic that the girls.   Continue Reading »

So recently I have decided to sell a few things on eBay. I’m moving rooms at home from my current bedroom to an attic conversion and I don’t really want to transfer all my clutter.

Besides it was genuinely stuff I don’t wear anymore.  As well as this, some were vintage pieces that i don’t really I don’t really like that much.

I know I said I’d never want to get rid of clothes but I’m kepping the stuff forever that I think i’ll look back on in 30 years time and be like i’m glad I kept that.  No doubt i’m selling the stuff I will actually want in 30 years time!

So, i’ve sold 7 pieces and made £23 profit. Not too shabby plus I have sooo much more room now.  Well a little after my new buys…

I’ve bought a cricket jumper! It’s not quite like the one I originally had in mind but I like it and I’ve wanted one for ages.  Like a whole year.  I originally wanted a long one I could wear as a dress but my friend called me a tart at that so I changed my mind!

When I saw lots of shops like New Look and Internacionale and I changed my mind.  Anyway, i finally bit the bullet and bought one for £3.20 on eBay!!

I intend to team it with a dark polo shirt.  I have a ‘Lacoste’ one from Turkey and it’s only purpose is to wear it underneath something and maybe shorts because I don’t wear jeans.  

While I was in London, i went to Camden but in recent years, I have been going off Camden.  I would take myself off and just not find anything I specifically liked or felt inspired by.  

This time though, I went with my Mum and sister and my Mum hasn’t been in like 20 years so I re-found my love of it.  

Yes it’s more full of tourists than locals these days and I got told off in Super Drug for trying a tester that wasn’t a tester :/ 

I went to a vintage shop which actually is a vintage shop and doesn’t sell Primark items from three years ago.  it’s the same shop I got my 18th Birthday dress for £50.

Just as I was leaving after hanging up the 10th dress back up that I can’t afford I had a flick through the sale rail and found a hand made, pink, fitted 1960’s dress for £5.  

I tried it on thinking I could get rid of the sleeves or something but i’m not touching it with a pair of scissors now! 


Milan fashion week- Men spring/summer 2012

John Gallianocomme des Garcons homme plus

Looking forward to next year already! xx

 Paris Milan fashion week- Men spring/summer 2012

This week was men’s fashion week in Paris and Milan! For some reason, I have become completely obsessed with Paris and I soooo want to go this winter.  I watch the episode of The Hills where Whitney and Lauren go and I really want to go.  

Here are the pictures from Paris!

Christian Lacroix

Tobey Maguire for Prada

Prada have got Tobey Maguire to promote their Autumn/Winter range.

Usually using professional models , Prada are not known for their use of celebrities to endorse their clothing and collections. He swaps the spiderman outfit for the Prada after being selected by Miucca Prada to pose thoughtfully and broody.

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