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So I got my little mits on a copy of the September issue of Vogue this morning. I was going upstairs for my 15 minute break and saw it there in the magazine stand. I perhpas should have waited until my 30 minute break but I couldn’t. There’s something quite funny about buying Vogue with you’re hair tied up in a ‘I need to get it off my face’ kind of way and I was in my M&S uniform.

Sat there in the staff room with my chocomilk I was having a great time reading, wishing I had sticky notes with me. Oh well, i’m working tomorrow.

So what are the key trends for this season. Well I could have told you before buying vogue but here;
* androgynous
* sixties
* fetish
* over-sized
* checks/heritage
* jewel colours

I think what made me happiest when reading was the article on blanket and capes. Last year I bought a red tartan cape from Henry Holland. I love it sooo much. It was one I kept seeing in the posters but could never find it and then one day, there it was in the Debenhams in Preston.


Here’s me in mine…

I think it’s quite a wintery/Christmas look.  That’s the good thing about being in Preston, it gets cold enough to wrap up.  In Cornwall it just gets wet.  I love warpping up and what’s a better way than in a blanket cape.  

Capes are still in so dust yours off from last year.  If you don’t have one…errr get one, perfect for the colder months.


I have never wanted to be somewhere so much in my entire life.  The vintage fair on south bank next weekend.  I’ve been following it on twitter for ages and I soooooo want to go.  

It’s my Mum’s birthday that weekend though and I have to work otherwise i’d be there.  

It takes place over three days next weekend celebrating all from the 20s to the 80s including musicfashionfilmartdesign, and dance.

It actually makes me almost cry when I write there will be a big dressing up box to dress up in all desires from mod, skate, disco and so much more.  

The six story building that is the Royal festival hall, celebrating its 60th birthday will be transformed into  a multi-venue playground where you can learn dances, have makeovers, experience catwalks, eat and drink and shop and there are even nightclubs with even more on the actual south bank.  Heaven could not possibly be sweeter. 


Bridesmaid in a jag

So in a month’s time I am going to be a bridesmaid for my Dad’s wedding, 11 years since the last time I was a bridesmaid for my auntie.  Many things have obviously changed since the last time.  Unfortunitly my baby face hasn’t changed and I still look identical.  I remember a lot of things about that day.  One of which being how we arrived at the church.  My auntie’s friend owned a jag and she took us there in that.  Which brings us to this blog’s topic.

My lovely friend Ringo and I basically did a swap and he kind of wrote about clothes so I am kind of going to write about the new Jaguar XJ.

Ahh who am I kidding.  I don’t really care.  Sorry Ringo, I tried.

But hey, this is what I would wear if I was in a jag 

now.  All Asos…


After reading about this online shop on a blog call discothequeconfusion which I mentioned here, I had a browse and found a pair of round sunglasses. Continue Reading »

I am so happy to be writing this post.  Everyone’s favourite decade including mine, is back!!  Dig out the hair spray and the bumpits, don’t forget the smoky eyes, nude lips and shift dresses!!

Continue Reading »

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