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Well no plastic hearts but paper bag shorts!!  I’ve decided I’ve become very attatched to my waist (which is good because without it i’d be screwed!)

My new hat is going to have to surgically removed! I love it!! It hides my manic messy hair! xx

Do you like my watch? it was £3 from Cancer research. I really liked it and then one of the managers at work said “nice man watch” and now i’m not so keen on it.

Shorts: eBay/Asos
Top: New Look
Hat: New Look
Tights: M&S
Belt: Mum’s


Hands up who went to the vintage fair on south bank. Hands up who wanted to go to the vintage fair on south bank.  That one’s me! I reallllly wanted to go but I had 15 hours to work at M&S this weekend.  Earning over £100 does help lessen the sting of not going to the event that I was born to attend.

 I will write a post about it soon.  Posts have been few and far between lately because i’ve been working lots.  I spent the first half of the summer not doing anything and now i’m flat out.

Lots of exciting things.  My house at uni is ready to move into.  Some of my stuff is there but i’ve not gone yet.  I got a text off one of my friends saying how she was weeding the garden/ back yard but I will call it a garden and I intend to buy plants for it that no doubt will shrivel and die in the bitter prestonian winter.

So to cheer myself up and forget that I still have over a  month till I can move in, I did treat myself to a new hair product and my sister was home from London for the weekend to celebrate my Mum’s birthday.

Last year on my 18th birthday I went to my hair dressers and as a finishing touch he sprinkled dust it by osis on my hair.  The effect was that I managed to back comb it into a beehive much easier.  He put the product on in the morning and I styled my hair around 7pm and it stayed put all night.

I’ve always made to buy it online and it’s currently on my amazon wish list but through time and being too mean i’ve never got round to buying it myself.

So i’ve kept an eye out in boots etc to see if I could ever find a product that would work or was simular and to my great delight, after over a year there is one on the market.  Vo5 give me texture instant oomph powder.  in its shocking pink packaging its pretty good.

it says on the packaging that the bottle has extra headroom so you can shake it up beofre use.  I initially thought this was a fancy way of explaining why they didnt fill the product to the top but actually its because when you shake it the amount in the bottle increases.

Before shake

after shake

I wouldn’t say it was as good as dust it but for a poor student it’s pretty good.

I have considerably swollen footzies from all those hours at M&S not to mention blisters but I still managed to make it out last night for my mum’s birthday.

Top:borrowed off Mum
Skirt: £10 matalan
shoes: cast offs of my sister
lips :lip venom by duwop
foundation: bourjois

My hair looks a little flat there but it did have a lot of volume last night!!  I’m really liking wear a pencil skirt at the moment.  This one was only a cheepy from Matalan so when pay day comes next week I might treat myself to a new one.

What has everyone else done this weekend? Did you go to south bank? xx

Bridesmaid in a jag

So in a month’s time I am going to be a bridesmaid for my Dad’s wedding, 11 years since the last time I was a bridesmaid for my auntie.  Many things have obviously changed since the last time.  Unfortunitly my baby face hasn’t changed and I still look identical.  I remember a lot of things about that day.  One of which being how we arrived at the church.  My auntie’s friend owned a jag and she took us there in that.  Which brings us to this blog’s topic.

My lovely friend Ringo and I basically did a swap and he kind of wrote about clothes so I am kind of going to write about the new Jaguar XJ.

Ahh who am I kidding.  I don’t really care.  Sorry Ringo, I tried.

But hey, this is what I would wear if I was in a jag 

now.  All Asos…


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