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I very rarely post pictures of myself on my blog it’s usually more my clothes and other people.  However, time for a change and it might help with the self consciousness i’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve recently been borrowing a few items of my Grandma.  To be precise her Bretagne jumper, an over size navy blue cardigan with naughtical buttons and a blue wool patterned pull over. 


I don’t actual own my own bretagne top.  I did when I was younger so when I start at M&S it’s my first thing to buy!

I think this is a child’s one but something like this..


I have to say though, I very much like this picure of James Dean in his.

I don’t know, i’m not happy with my wardrobe at the moment and looking for something a bit more quirky. That’s how I ensembled this outfit…

Basically it’s a I ❤ NY t-shirt as you can see that my sister bought me from new york a few years ago which I cut the sleeves off and snipped off the neck line and finally knotted the top joins then tucked it into a waist skirt. Slightly more quirky!! xx


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