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New room

So after living here for over a year, and 8 months of building up stairs and an attic conversion, 2 months of choosing a wall colour, 72 of painting and a very scary trip of getting the chest of draws up the stairs…I am finally in my new room.  

So there you go, the colour of my castle. 


After seeing the picture of my record player, and my friend commenting on it, I went and got my records from downstairs.  So i’ll admit that the only records that are actually mine is the Sex Pistols one but it came from a shop in Toronto and the Squeeze, Cool for cats which came from a charity shop in Camden.  

I love my Bealtles love album because that was the first Beatles album I ever listened too and the Nancy S is my favourite album cover ever!!

How cool was my Mum though! I have to say My fair lady is a guilty pleasure from my childhood but check out Jeremy Iron.

I bought loads of records from that shop fo like 25p each.  I want to create something like 7min 25 secs through this.  However this look wont wok in my new room so will have to wait till I get to uni! 


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