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The M&M hit

So i mentioned this briefly in my post about a day in London but I’ve seen it mentioned in the London Metro and the business section of the Sunday Telegraph.

It’s not particularly about fashion or beauty but it does sell clothes amongst chocolate.

Yes, it’s the M&M shop in Leicester Square.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know it was there until I stumbled across it but it’s everywhere!

The store’s most famous location is in Las Vegas but in recent years the Mars company have opened stores in New York and Florida following with London. The London store was opened on June 13 2011 making it the world’s largest sweet store with 35,000 square feet.

It hopes to boost profits within the UK no doubt it also coincides with the M&M sponsoring JLS on tour.

It’s quite fitting that I should go to the M&M store the same weekend as Gay Pride.It’s the second year in a row I randomly happen to be in London for it. 

I like M&Ms but not enough to wear as a hoodie although the pyjamas are quite cute.   My favourites are green and blue but a pot in a single colour cost around £6.95.  No wonder they think they’ll boost profits.


So i’m in London at the momment and I know thta isn’t what i’ve been taught to write a title like but it pretty sums up my day yesterday.

Basically I got dressed, and made my way into London with my sister.  We got off at Marble Arch and did Primark in about 20 minutes which is all you can possibly do in there.

After that we went for coffee in the EAT in Selfridges.  For those of you who do not know, I am a massive weirdo attractor.  For some reason people just talk to me.  So the guy next to me eating mackerel from a M&S packet in Selfridges with a suitcase was no different.  I politely turned down his offer to try his fish.  

Anyway into selfridges who are helping CocaCola celebrate 125 years.

Celebratory bottle which you can buy for £1.99.  Resisting the urge to get a tattoo in the palour next door.

What was really amazing though, given i’m anti everything in relationships, was the Tiffany windows display.  Call it influence from Wills and Kate or just wedding season.

Now when I write this you’ll all think i’m posh and rich but i’m not this was an 18th Birthday treat.  My Dad took me to the Tiffany in Bond Street to choose my present. Although it’s great its just too big so I went to the one in selfriges which is now my favourite!!

So anyway the window display is various love notes, tickets and telegrams with a ring underneath it.  Now these pictures are from bond street and not great but you get the idea.

On the way to the tube station to see TAKE THAT I cam across the most amazing shop in the world!!  M&M shop near Leicester Square.  I think it might have something to do with them sponsoring JLS on tour.  On my way out I was sure that I saw David Tennant and when I turned the corner there was a massive poster of him and Catherine Tate who are starring in Much to do about nothing.   So it was probably him! 

I also got stopped by a woman vox popping from Real People magazine.  Now I know this is not the most fun job in the world so I happily obliged her in answering her questions.  Who know I might be in Real People magazine next week! oooooo 😉

Take that were absolutely amazing and I love Marky Mark even more plus the added member of the band…the 65ft robot!!

Robbie of course was incredible!! xx

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