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A few pictures to why I really want to go to Paris at the moment!!


Catching up with friends is awesome…I spend the whole time going what? when did this happen? It happened about a year or so ago and it’s now over but it’s still fun.Since coming home from uni though, this time its been a little different.  Still great to see everyone and fun but sometimes I feel like I’ve been asleep for the last ten years.Tomorrow I’m going to the wedding of a friend from school.  This will be the first of my friends from school to get married.  The first wedding I will be attending without my parents. I can’t hide that I’m really excited about this, I’m really happy for them.  We’ve been friends for years and had shared Birthday parties and all sorts but I can’t believe she’s getting married!! On top of that a boy from the past is getting married as well.  I don’t know, i can’t really even imagine striking up something with someone at the moment. Maybe that says a lot about me but at the moment, just not up for it. At least another five have moved in with various partners.  It’s great…for them and I wish them all the happienss…but for me, I’m ok for at least another 10 years…which scares me enough already. I don’t know, I thought it was grown up to have a debit card- when shopping with my friend she said how she needed to pay off her credit card! I’m still on part-time jobs where I have friends on salaries!! In terms of friendships, and relationships, non of these people have changed at all and they’re still as loyal and funny reliable friends as always and laugh at immature things. Just everyone is growing up and I can barely choose what I want for tea.  I’m still buying outfits for the next fancy dress party, finding people to go to festivals with and dying my hair platinum blonde! Plenty of years ahead for me, and I’ll do it when I’m ready…and so will they 🙂 xx 

£13 head start

A few months ago my Blackberry magically stopped working and the other day I finally got my act together and sent it off to Mazuma mobile.  I got £13 for it.  Not bad given I could have just thrown it away.   

I happily showed it to my Mum who was quite impressed and she said, “right you should take that and invest it in something, make it grow.”   So, I took her advice.  So far, i have spent 31p of it.  If I can take you back here to my post about how i love clothes you will understand how hard this is for me.   I have posted up some old clothes on ebay.  Just some i no longer wear and have no particular attachment too.  I’ve just placed one dress up that I was dumped in.  Yes it is very sad and pathetic that i remember this but alas, i remember a lot.   It’s not just clothes that have served no luck, others i just don’t wear or love anymore so they can be passed on. I’ve uploaded five items so far I think.  So far I have a £1 bid on an Asos dress which actually came as a freebie to me.  So so far; £13-31p+£1= £13.69 And hey, that’s just today.  Maybe more people will bid!  You won’t be laughing when i’m on the Apprentice! yeah maybe not. Continuing with all things ebay, i always look to find vintage items and have come up with a cunning new way to find them at a steal.  Instead of jsut typing in vintage, yesterday when I was at my Grandparents i went upstairs and made a note of the labels in the clothes in one of the spare rooms.   I now search for St Michael (the old m and s), windsmoor and feminella to name a few.   Much better way of doing it.  I will keep you posted on how much I make doing nada.  On another money note, M&S have asked me back!! 🙂  

These are photograph from my Grandparents house.  Parts of their house is like my haven.  They have armories and trinket boxes all over the shop.   I don’t think I really need to write much about them as they speak for themselves. Photographs from my Grandpa…  

In store Shopping

If I wasn’t so impatient I’m sure I would do a lot more shopping online.  I have this thing where if I buy it and part with money, I want something in return straight away.  Why not? Without sounding like a city snob, I mean I was raised in a small fishing village called Newlyn in Cornwall but it’s ok in a city. 

I guess because it’s busier but the atmosphere in my town is terrible. When I go into one changing room and see a girl I knew from school at the entrance, my smile is not returned and she quickly goes through the separating of the clothes to make sure I’m not hiding any.  Well it was lovely to see you too. I go into another and there is no one in the store.

Ok it was quarter to five on a Thursday afternoon but I’m pretty sure a customer should not feel an intruder to the shop assistants as they tut at your presence.  For those of you who think I don’t understand what retail is like, I do. 

I’ve worked in shops since I was 16 and am very understanding that somethings can be difficult especially with an ill temper customer.  

Maybe it’s because of online shopping i face this dilemma.  People don’t interact so when we do if we get any less than the ‘thank you, your order is now processing’ reply it is not deemed good enough.

It’s no secret to anyone that I love clothes, accessories and jewellery. When challenged on it I just smile and say…”ok, I’ll go by cigarettes or drugs to make myself feel better.”  Its pretty simple…I don’t get upset…I shop.

Ok no lie, there are times when I leave the house looking hideous…just because I love clothes doesn’t mean I can’t make mistakes.  I’ve looked and pictures from this year and others and thought what the hell was I wearing?  Well at least I’ll never make that mistake again. 

Being home for the summer and having left all of my coat hangers in uni…I have the perfect excuse for a “floor-drobe” all summer. 

People collect stamps, cards, cars, jugs, certain pottery and other things.  I collect clothes.  I have categories.  My favourite is the vintage collection.  As one day I hope to sell my own collection I’m debating whether there are pieces I can contemplate parting with. 

I have a red 80s dress which although is too small for me and I wound’t wear even if I was that tiny size, it still interests me. 

My favourite  vintage piece in the whole wide world is the dress I bought for my 18th birthday party.  It’s just soooo perfect.  I bought it for £50  from a stall in Camden,  Its pure silk and hand made.  The matching head band makes the wearing look just like their from the 60s.  

Being a student I have debated whether or not too sell it as I could probably could get more for it but I just cant bring myself to do it.  Im still waiting for another chance to wear it. 

This skirt, not only looks like a fairy tale skirt, it is.  I lusted after it for about six months in Monsoon and its £100 price tag. At any age that’s a lot of money, let alone 13.

When my sister got her A. Level results, we went into town to celebrate and there it was on the sale rail for £30.  So I made my Mum guard it and I went to get the money out.  I still wear it as a skirt but I thought I’d be fun and wear it as a dress. 

I don’t like throwing them out because it’s throwing away a part of my history and past.  I have a bridesmaid dress from when I was eight and my auntie got marred.  I still have the shoes and if I look I probably still have the tights.  She made all the dresses herself and its worn once and is still beautiful.  I have the dress both me and my sister wore to our First Holy Communion.  We both wore the veil our Mum wore.  She kept the veil, I’ll keep the dress. 

I have a Kate Moss yellow dress.  Ok, I don’t really wear it now but I have this image of getting rid of it and then my daughter in years time being furious with me for doing so.  If that time never come I may think of getting rid of it.

I am being very brave at the moment and trying my luck with a bit of selling on eBay.  It’s not as easy as it sounds and I’m struggling.  So I will keep updated! xx

A new blog

Green Hair

A bit of a strange one to start with but best avoid.

I went to Tenerife with some friends from uni last week for a week.  I had an amazing time jumping in and out of the pool, going to the beach and lying in the sun.

Of course I knew my hair would need some TLC when I got home, I just didn’t realise to what extent.

For the last year I have been pretty much platinum blonde but I decided I would tone it down when I came back from my holiday, little did I know I would have very little choice!

Luckily I picked a hair dye with the colours ‘ash’ and ‘neutral’ in the name and it sorted it right out.

What I learnt that it is not quite as catastrophic as you might think, just avoid with leave in conditioner.

I think I’ll spend the summer sorting it out.  I have a hair appointment next week which I really need!! xx

Hello and welcome to my shiny, new blog!

It’s taken me a while to decide to start a new blog having since I was 17.

I started that though after  no experience and no teaching of blogging.  Well that’s how most people start but after learning better ways to do it and finding word press easier, I have decided to swap.

I don’t really like the idea of starting again, after all I’ve had that blog for two years and grown with it but I have kept the name and hopefully it won’t be too traumatic.

When I started that blog I didn’t have a particular niche and it took me a long time to work out what I wanted to write about.

Eventually, I realised that I like writing about clothes, not so much fashion but sometimes.  I love clothes I absolutely love them!

The other good thing about starting a new blog is that I can finally spell striped correctly!

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