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My heart

I know i’ve jsut posted but I didn’t think this went well with my post.  When I got out of the bath, I noticed this on the floor.

It’s a necklace I bought from Rock n rose ages ago. I’ve blogged about it before. 

On the chain is a heart and a key and the heart has a hole in it the same size as the key but the key won’t reach to fit the hole.  (This sounds dodgy, I appologise!)

Anyway but because the heart came off all by itself…

Now it fits…is this a sign?? Have I met the one? Any thoughts please?? xx

P.S I just wanted to add.  A couple of my friends and people at work said they like my blog and I hate to ask as I know many people hate this but it would make my day if you hit subscribe or follow me via bloglovin. I’ve been a bit down lately and when I get told people like reading my blog it makes me so happy but i don’t find out very much so it would make my day!! So if you liek reading please hit subscribe etc.  Thank you!

I wont ask for anythning again, I promise!! 🙂 xx


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