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Short post, lots of photos.  All my posts are short at the moment.  Really because I’m working so much and i’m so tired when i come in.  I’d like to say this is what I wore today but it’s not.  I wore an M&S uniform but I can’t complain.

This is a hat I bought from New Look a couple of days ago.  The dress is a vintage St Michael (aka M&S, how fitting!) from ebay for £1.99.  I think I might shorten the hem and sleeves.  I plan to turn the sleeves up and line them with white material.

It’s a bit of 70s meets 40s with the hat and the dress.  Why not…xx

I’m not going to lie, I put this picture in because I think I look quite skinny in it.


I have never wanted to be somewhere so much in my entire life.  The vintage fair on south bank next weekend.  I’ve been following it on twitter for ages and I soooooo want to go.  

It’s my Mum’s birthday that weekend though and I have to work otherwise i’d be there.  

It takes place over three days next weekend celebrating all from the 20s to the 80s including musicfashionfilmartdesign, and dance.

It actually makes me almost cry when I write there will be a big dressing up box to dress up in all desires from mod, skate, disco and so much more.  

The six story building that is the Royal festival hall, celebrating its 60th birthday will be transformed into  a multi-venue playground where you can learn dances, have makeovers, experience catwalks, eat and drink and shop and there are even nightclubs with even more on the actual south bank.  Heaven could not possibly be sweeter. 


The cool boys

So, someone metioned to me I don’t blog enough about boys, despite my best intentions.  Did they not see the post about Paris and Milan male fashion week.  Anyway i’m doing something about it.

Lately i’ve been spending sometime on Asos on their fashion finder site and created some looks for the boys with the running theme of Hollywood/teen drama.  Basically the cool boys.

All Asos! XX

After reading about this online shop on a blog call discothequeconfusion which I mentioned here, I had a browse and found a pair of round sunglasses. Continue Reading »

New room

So after living here for over a year, and 8 months of building up stairs and an attic conversion, 2 months of choosing a wall colour, 72 of painting and a very scary trip of getting the chest of draws up the stairs…I am finally in my new room.  

So there you go, the colour of my castle. 


After seeing the picture of my record player, and my friend commenting on it, I went and got my records from downstairs.  So i’ll admit that the only records that are actually mine is the Sex Pistols one but it came from a shop in Toronto and the Squeeze, Cool for cats which came from a charity shop in Camden.  

I love my Bealtles love album because that was the first Beatles album I ever listened too and the Nancy S is my favourite album cover ever!!

How cool was my Mum though! I have to say My fair lady is a guilty pleasure from my childhood but check out Jeremy Iron.

I bought loads of records from that shop fo like 25p each.  I want to create something like 7min 25 secs through this.  However this look wont wok in my new room so will have to wait till I get to uni! 

I very rarely post pictures of myself on my blog it’s usually more my clothes and other people.  However, time for a change and it might help with the self consciousness i’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve recently been borrowing a few items of my Grandma.  To be precise her Bretagne jumper, an over size navy blue cardigan with naughtical buttons and a blue wool patterned pull over. 


I don’t actual own my own bretagne top.  I did when I was younger so when I start at M&S it’s my first thing to buy!

I think this is a child’s one but something like this..


I have to say though, I very much like this picure of James Dean in his.

I don’t know, i’m not happy with my wardrobe at the moment and looking for something a bit more quirky. That’s how I ensembled this outfit…

Basically it’s a I ❤ NY t-shirt as you can see that my sister bought me from new york a few years ago which I cut the sleeves off and snipped off the neck line and finally knotted the top joins then tucked it into a waist skirt. Slightly more quirky!! xx

So recently I have decided to sell a few things on eBay. I’m moving rooms at home from my current bedroom to an attic conversion and I don’t really want to transfer all my clutter.

Besides it was genuinely stuff I don’t wear anymore.  As well as this, some were vintage pieces that i don’t really I don’t really like that much.

I know I said I’d never want to get rid of clothes but I’m kepping the stuff forever that I think i’ll look back on in 30 years time and be like i’m glad I kept that.  No doubt i’m selling the stuff I will actually want in 30 years time!

So, i’ve sold 7 pieces and made £23 profit. Not too shabby plus I have sooo much more room now.  Well a little after my new buys…

I’ve bought a cricket jumper! It’s not quite like the one I originally had in mind but I like it and I’ve wanted one for ages.  Like a whole year.  I originally wanted a long one I could wear as a dress but my friend called me a tart at that so I changed my mind!

When I saw lots of shops like New Look and Internacionale and I changed my mind.  Anyway, i finally bit the bullet and bought one for £3.20 on eBay!!

I intend to team it with a dark polo shirt.  I have a ‘Lacoste’ one from Turkey and it’s only purpose is to wear it underneath something and maybe shorts because I don’t wear jeans.  

While I was in London, i went to Camden but in recent years, I have been going off Camden.  I would take myself off and just not find anything I specifically liked or felt inspired by.  

This time though, I went with my Mum and sister and my Mum hasn’t been in like 20 years so I re-found my love of it.  

Yes it’s more full of tourists than locals these days and I got told off in Super Drug for trying a tester that wasn’t a tester :/ 

I went to a vintage shop which actually is a vintage shop and doesn’t sell Primark items from three years ago.  it’s the same shop I got my 18th Birthday dress for £50.

Just as I was leaving after hanging up the 10th dress back up that I can’t afford I had a flick through the sale rail and found a hand made, pink, fitted 1960’s dress for £5.  

I tried it on thinking I could get rid of the sleeves or something but i’m not touching it with a pair of scissors now! 


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